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July 23, 2014

February 13, 2014



                              Art! Vancouver

                     Is The Pacific North West's largest Contemporary Art Show!

                     Vancouver Convention Center May 25-28 2017

ďArt! Vancouver is the only art exhibition of itís kind hosted in the Westcoast Wonderland of Vancouver, BC, Canada taking place on May 25th through May 28th 2017.  Join us for four exciting days in the picturesque landscape of seaside Vancouver Convention Centre East Building to participate, appreciate and adore as both local and international artists, and galleries bring their world to you.  A creative exchange of energy and talent, this event is sure to be Vancouverís largest and most successful display of works highlighting painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and mixed media.  Art! Vancouver provides an opportunity for artists to gain critical visibility in Vancouverís thriving art community and exposes attendees to original and innovative works by a multitude of artists, all under one roof.

 This event will draw on all of Vancouverís industries to help maintain, build and strengthen our creatively-focussed community.Ē





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